Guaranty Financial Bank was founded in 1968 as an International commercial bank. Since that day, we've grown considerably, both in size and in our product offerings, yet our commitment to quality customer service remains the cornerstone of our bank. We are now a true, one-stop financial services institution for both your personal and business needs.
Our commitment to offering products in a highly personalized way is what makes us who we are. Our customers get to know our service representatives on a one-to-one basis. We have employees who have been with the bank for many years. This builds working relationships that last.

Guaranty Financial Bank attain and maintain leadership of the financial services sector internationally through consistent superior solutions; creating unsurpassed wealth for our stakeholders whilst abiding by the utmost professional standard.

Our Core Values
Innovativeness: We consistently modify or recreate existing situations in order to provide solutions that better satisfy the needs of our customers.
Aggressiveness: We seek always to have a dominant share of our defined market and strive for product leadership.
Resilience: We respond quickly to shocks experienced in the pursuit of our agreed objectives. We remain focused, perceiving conventions as redefinable and constraints as surmountable.
Dynamism: We respond swiftly and flexibly to business exigencies whilst adapting to the changes in our operating environment.
Professionalism: We consistently carry out our duties and responsibilities in accordance with laid down rules, regulations and the utmost respect for banking ethics.
Proactivity: Our approach to business is anticipatory, positioning and understanding opportunities and threats prior to occurrence.
Integrity: We extol moral soundness and probity in our judgment. We wholly discharge our fiduciary responsibility to our customers, stakeholders and regulatory authorities.